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Clothing in Nepal offers complete set of Nepal Trekking clothing on wholesale price.The most important point to remember when packing your clothing is that, with the exception of your set of smarter clothes for the town, all the clothes for your trek should fit in your kit bag. If you can't get it all in, you have too much! Pay particular attention to airline baggage weight limits, both on international and domestic flights, and to your trek weight allowance.


Long Trousers - For everyday walking, light cotton trousers are the most suitable. Knee length shorts are acceptable in the remote areas, but to avoid giving offence in the villages, you should cover up with trousers. Although comfortable, leggings are also unsuitable as they cause offence to local people. Jeans are no recommended, as they are often difficult to walk in over longer distances and become cumbersome when wet.

 Down Jacket - After sunset, temperatures can fall below freezing. A down jacket is the lightest and most convenient way of keeping warm when the temperature drops.

 Waterproofs - Breathable waterproofs not only protect against rain but also stop you from overheating. They ‘breathe' and avoid condensation, which you will experience from nylon waterproofs. Rain during the trekking season is rare but can be heavy when it does happen.

Gloves - Especially useful in the mornings and the evenings at higher altitudes.

Socks - It is best to wear a pair of liner socks under a pair of thick loop stitch socks. This helps to protect your feet against blisters. Avoid nylon socks, they are abrasive, don't breath well and cause blisters. 3 pairs thick socks, 3 pairs thin socks.

 Thick jumper/Fleece jacket - A thick jumper or fleece jacket is necessary, as it can be very cold at altitude. Make sure that your waterproof jacket is loose enough to wear over your sweater or fleece.

Track suit - Comfortable around camp and much more practical (and warmer) to sleep in than pajamas. Alternatively, thermal underwear is good.

Thin Shirt/T-shirt

Thick Shirt or Thermal Vest

Long sleeved shirts - prevents sunburn on your arms and keeps airborne biting insects at bay.

Fibre pile/Fleece jacket - useful with zip pockets, or warm jumper.

Underwear - thermal underwear

Warm headgear - beanie

Swim suit

Shorts - Please note that short shorts can be offensive to locals.


Smart/casual clothes - for air travel and in cities.


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