Nepal Earthquake 2015

Helping Hands for Earthquake victims in Nepal : Business Help & Donation : 

Finished First Campaign Rising 1,595 USD

Second Campign Begin

A Strong 7.9 rector scale Earthquake hit Nepal on Saturday April 25. It has desperately destroyed the ancient historical monuments of Nepal, many houses in Kathmandu and outside of Kathmandu valley. The earthquake was followed by many powerful aftershocks and a new earthquake (6.7) hit Nepal on Sunday April 26. Many (historic) buildings collapsed, temples have been ruined, roads destroyed. More than 8670 deaths in Nepal more than 22000 people are injured and may are still missing. Most of the villagers are homeless.

One of those affected village is Naubise- 3 Dhading Kholegaun Village. We are 18 Kilometer from Kathmandu-Kanalki where inhabitants of about 100 to 110 people and 15 households. Sometime to our village many people called Shadow of Light. Being very near from Kathmandu Valley we don’t have good road, no good toilet, no good tap for water and no strong house. Being Tamang Community most of them are uneducated.

Government Package

After one and half month of big earthquake. Our government has supplied 4 kilo rice, half little oil, One packet salt to my village. Government people just arrived to our village to collection information about our house and situation. But we have received some Biscuits, Wai Wai, and Tent and Beaten rice, Rice from Different Social organization

What we have heard

We have heard from different Media and newspaper many foreigners have made billion of USD Dollor Donation to our government to help earthquake victim. If they use it properly every Nepalese people will get 1 million Nepali Rupee to build new house


I have seen many NGO & INGO people of Nepal. We have great life style. They have always meeting in 5 star hotel having dinner and breakfast who is driving brand New Toyota Land Curser is cost more than 10 million Nepalese rupee. NGO and INGO in Nepal brings fund from foreigner two build two toilet and two water tap for every house in Village in Nepal. But In several village including our there is no Toilet and we have pipe water but not good tap.

Interesting News
Do you know in Nepal it will be very difficult to get job in NGO an INGO and we have use big channel to get job in INGO. If somebody get job in NGO & INGO he will be lucky because his salary will be very high comparable with another job. I have relatives who are working in INGO have always meeting & seminar in five star hotels. One day I have asked to him why your office held meeting in five start hotel he said they have to finish their budget.

We have completed our First Campaign
Thank you so much for our customer and friends who help to rise $1,595USD from our first campaign which is run by Didrik Strand (306 North Park Avenue Langham, Saskatchewan, S0K2L0 Canada). Thank you so much for your kind help in such kind of situation.  I am sorry because I am not able to send shipment on time. I am working hard to send shipment on time because just all my peoples are just start to come to work. Mr. Hari Tamang Managing Director of Clothing in Nepal Pvt. Ltd has distributed first relief package to his village where 70 house. We have distributed 30 KG rice, half Liter oil, one pocket Salt, I KG mix bean, One kg soybean per house.

Second Phase
now in my village everybody made temporary shelter from their old raw material. Because our government still not able to give 15000 NRs which they supposed to give to us to buy some tin to make temporary shelter because our monsoon is on the way.  Let’s see how strong this will be. In my community we have 70 houses but I can’t say everybody I will make house to them. Now my company will make my village where we have 15 houses help of our customer and friends. I have many customers who are frequently visiting in Nepal for business I can take him to this house which he has donated. So that he will be sure his money has spend for right people and right propose. If somebody builds one house for my village I will write down his name in from of his house in big stone. It will be memorable generation to generation. I hope I can build my beautiful village again.

How to success this project? 
Now I am working hard to make all my customer happy because if I have 250 customer If I request to all denote 40 USD I will have 10000 USD that mean we can make one beautiful house in my village. Mean If I request in 2 month  40 USD from my all customer we can make 6 houses in one year. All the credit will go customer from Clothing in Nepal and will visit our village while you will be in Nepal.

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Helping Hands for Earthquake victims in Nepal

Nepal Earthquake 2015

Nepal Earthquake 2015

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