Sherpa Dress for Female

The word Sherpa is dervied from language spoken bythemselves sherpa people which mean 'Shar" east and 'Pa' people. Sherpa are the people living around the eastern part of himalayas. Nowadays, they are mostly found in the hily regions too. They arethe people who have their different cultures and traditions. They even have their own cultural dresses. Sherpa people are renowed for the mountaineering, strength and international climbing. Similarly they celbrates the festivals like Loshar, dashian, Buddha Jayanti, Sankratis, etc. They sherpa poeple living in the Himalyas wears thei cultural dresses on the daily basis beacuae of the climatic condition. BUt sherpa of lower regions wears the dresses on the special occasion like festivals. programmes, etc.

Sherpa women wears a long inner shirt which is caled wan-ju over agarment like a pant made up of wool. Thenthey wears a thick course wraping around the waist calling Bakhu in Nepali. Married women wears the red apron calling Pangden. Both married and unmarried women wears rear apron calling Gyaptil or Matil. Sherpa women wears jewelleries made up of gold and pearl around the neck to ear like dhungri, Kaou (made by precious stone), Then wears a hat calling Shyamu which completes the sherpa wmen cultural dress. 

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