Tamang Dress for Children (For Girl and Boy)

Tamang Ethnic group also have their own cultural and traditional dress for the child ones. Tamangs comprise one of Nepal’s largest ethnic groups, comprising roughly 6.5% of the population. Nowadays Tamang ethnic grous parents make their child to wear the clothes in occassion like in, school programmes, parties and celebrations. These status helps our country to save the Tamang Culture. Teaching the young ones about the cltural and traditional fact helps to save the tamang ethnic. Smilarly, we clothing in Nepal offres the tiny baby tamang clothes above 5-6 years dress set in average price. The dress consists of Cholo, Lungi, Ghalek, Patuka, Shwal and diffrent other ornaments and jewelleries for girls. For boys we have tamang dress set of taytung and baby coat. We offer you the best product with the best price which are made in Nepal with cottons. There are also readymade products like lungi for childrens, It will be more easier for children to handle the pair f dress.

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