Tamang Male Dress

Tamang male dress are the clothes worn by tamang male people from the tamang ethnic group. Since long time, ancient tamang people has came here with the protection of their culture, heritage and tradition. Still we see people wearing tamang male dress in special organizations like in ceremonies, festival, programmes, dances, etc. Tamang Male people wears those dresses on the special ocassions. Somehow in village/rural areas tamang male people still appears in the tamang male dress for their daily purpose. Tamang male dress which we sell are made in nepal with pure cotons. It is designed beutifully which will be suitable to all kind of men.

Tamang male dress avaialble here are: Taytung, Tamang coat, Tamang Haf coat and Topi. Topi are designed more specially with specific and unique designs which are matchable to tamang dress designs too. They are easy on wearing and very handy, soft. The dresses are designed within the order with the special arts which rewinds the culture and heritages more. We are the wholesaler and manufacturer of the tamang male dress. We sell our product within the average prices. Please remeber Clothing in nepal us for tamang male dress.

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