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Non Brushed Gheri Ponchos

Clothing in Nepal, a Bohemian wholesale spiritual clothing offer Ecofriendly Non Brushed Gheri Ponchos, Made from pure gheri with catchy unique design. Where Eco-friendliness meets unmatched style. All wrapped up in pure Gheri fabric with captivating, unique designs.

What makes our Non – Brushed Ponchos stand out?

Embrace Eco-Friendly Fashion

At Clothing in Nepal, we prioritize eco-consciousness. That’s why, our Non Brushed Gheri Ponchos are crafted from sustainable materials, ensuring guilt-free fashion that Mother Earth smiles upon.

Handcrafted in Nepal

Each poncho is carefully handcrafted in the heart of Nepal. Crafted from artisans who infuse their craftsmanship and culture into every thread.

Spiritual Bohemian Vibe

These ponchos resonate with the free spirit in you, allowing you to express your unique style.

Unique Designs

Our Non Brushed Gheri Ponchos boast uniqueness, eye-catching designs that set you apart. Be the trendsetter, not the follower.

Unmatched Quality

We take pride in delivering top-notch quality. So, experience durability, comfort, and style like never before.

Wholesale Convenience

Our major international markets are the Australia, Hungary, USA, Poland, UK, New Zealand, Canada and Germany. Moreover, as the leading name in the hippie clothing industry in Nepal, we are proud to offer an extensive collection of Bohemian, Hippie, Wool, Hemp, and Pashmina products at unbeatable wholesale prices.

In conclusion, step into a world where fashion meets sustainability, culture meets creativity, and uniqueness meets affordability. Moreover, clothing in Nepal’s Non Brushed Gheri Ponchos are your gateway to eco-friendly, spiritual fashion with a Bohemian twist. Therefore, elevate your collection today!