Gurung Male Dress

Grung people are the people of hilly regions living aorund the slopes of southern part. They call themselves as a Tamu in their own Language. Gurung people re the 59 indigenous nationalities in Nepal which are the proud of our country. They are very rich in their culture and traditions. The have very unique culture ad traditins. The speak gurung and nepali language. They elebrate stheir main festival as new year as Loshar, Dashian and Tihar. The wears their cultural dresses like in th special occasons festival, ceremonies, parties, programmes, etc.

Gurung Male weara a type of shirt called Bhoto and then tie a kilt around the waist made of garment which reaches near the thigh, then they bind a long peice of cloth on the waist in which the keep their national weapon Khukuri. They wears a Topi in their head which completes the look. 

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