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Magar Dress for Female

Magar are the one of the ethno liguistic group of nepal. They covers 7.1% of population according to the 2011 census. Magar mostly follows th Hinduism religion. Magar people have the dense unique cultures and tradition in their own way They celebrates their main festival as Loshar, Dashain, Tihar, New Year, Etc. Magar people are mostly found to be living in Himalayan areas whch extends from south to west edges of massif points. But nowadays they are also found in hilly regions. They speaks their own langauge Magar Language and speaks Nepali as moher toungue.

Similarly, they have their own cultural dresses which they wears in special occassion like ceremonies, parties, fectivals, programmes, etc.

Magar female wears, the phariya or lunghi with different printed designs of flowers, etc. with closed blue blouses or cholo. Then they binds a heavy cloth in their waist called Patuka. Magar Female also wears Mujetro or shwal like garments on the head.

Then they wears Ghalek binding on the shoulder which covers the half of the body with different printed pictures like rhododendron,etc. For ornaments they wears the Madwari in the ears, Bulaki and Phuli on the nosetrills, silver coin mala on the neck, Yellow and Green potey, Tilhari with gold cylinder, Jantar, Dhungri, Naugedi, kantha, Sirbandi, Sirphuli, Etc.

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