Rai Female Dress

Rai people are the group of indigenous ethnicity mostly found in hilly regions of Nepal. They are also being founded sine ancient in the Indian part of Darjeeling. They speaks their native langauge mostly as Nepali and kirati. Though Rai people has there own unique cultures and tradition. Rai people are also one of the proud of ouration. They aims for the betterment of future saving prrogrammes and harvest for the nation with the good wills. They have theri own cultural dress too. They wears Rai female dress in the special occassions like Programme, Loshar, Dhannach, Ceremonies, etc. We Clothing In Nepal manufactures as well as wholesaler sell the good products in wholesale price.

Rai female wears Phariya which are printed with the flowers also calle Lungi with the Cholo or Bouse on upper part whch is made up of a kind of fabric also called Dhaka. Then they bind their waist with th Patuka. They wears a kind of Ghalek by binding their sleeves on the shoulder. Then they wears many ornaments like moon shape clip on head (Chandrama), Dhungri on ear and Bulaki on nose. Rai female also wears silver coin Malaand Jnatar on the neck with gold bengals and Kalli silver bengals on the leg. Then bind their hears witha kind of thread called Dhago.

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