Clothing in Nepal Clothing in Nepal Pvt Ltd is a renowned wholesaler, Exporter and Manufacturer for hippie clothes in Kathmandu, Nepal. The handmade clothes supplier company offers wide range of hippie clothes like hippie woman clothes, hippie clothes for man, Bohemian clothes, and handmade garments of different kinds.

Anita Tamang

Anita Tamang is a very young energetic and a hard working person of our company. She is very inspiring and executes all the official works. She is also responsible for all the day-to-day operation of the organization, which includes managing office and staff as well as developing business plans, marketing and overall operations. Though she is in the higher post of the organization is very friendly in nature, down to earth and fully devoted to what she does. Everyone respects her and calls her “DIDI” which means elder sister and she is with us since the initiation of our organization.

Hari Tamang
Managing Director

Mr. Hari Tamang is a person who believes that “Success in business requires training, discipline and hard work. He has established clothing in Nepal factory in 2012. In the initiation he stared his business with two stitching machine one over lock and one fat luck. Now we have all together 30 machines with separate woolen department with separate machineries. Mr Hari running this company with new and innovative concept, which is providing the visitors / guests with international level of services all the way through excellent management. Now we have 80-100 people working directly and indirectly.

Alina Tamang
Operation Manager

Ms. Alina Lama is an energetic role model of Clothing in Nepal Pvt. ltd. Serving as Manager, Giving her best in every sector of company management.

She organizes every situation in organization behavior manner. She is highly capable person she handles Human resource, product productions and import export.

Subash Sunuwar

Mr. Subash Sunuwar is an energetic and academic professional accountant. He is handling all the documentation and marketing of product in the global market. His writings are available in multiples of blogs of other. He has written about domestic and international marketing environment, product production, local product to world platform and many more blogs which are published by numbers of prominent bloggers. He is handling Marketing and accountancy of Clothing in Nepal Pvt. ltd and other branch organization.

Bijay Tamang
Business Development Manager

Bijay Tamang is one of the cheerful and hard working person of our company. He handles our company website as well as promote the business in different platform. He deals with our foreign customer and also take care of shipment. Moreover, he also manage the worker and divide their work according to their skill and talent. Besides he is a business student who is balancing his work as well as studies at the same time.

Ashok Gurung
Master & Designer

Mr. Ashok Gurung is a Master as position, but he is a visionary leader working in Company clothing in Nepal from the beginning of the company’s establishment. He is well educated and well experienced core member of clothing in Nepal. He is expert in forming new fashionable garment product. His design and his woks is highly adored by our foreign clients and the fashion designers.

Nita Tamang
Office Secretary

Ms. Nita Tamang is highly capable young and vibrant person having the adequate intense for the encouraging of the company. She is responsible for managing the whole company and running the company in systematic manner. She is highly capable person and handles human resources, product productions and import export. Moreover, she also helps for the marketing of the cultural dresses.

Bishnu Tamang
Master & Designer

Bishnu Tamang is a young and energetic manpower from clothing in Nepal. he is working with us as a cutting master and also designs new kind of clothes. Bisnu Tamang He is taking his bachelors studies along with his work . He is very skillful and manages as well as arranges cutting

Suresh Lama
Company Driver

Mr. Suresh Tamang is one of the passionate, professionals and high skilled experienced person in the driving where he build up the base in the driving passions. With the 7 years’ experience, he has welly performed to make every customers journey secure and comfortable one. He also drive around for different hours of a shift to pick up waiting customers. He has the responsibilities towards helping our customer get to their destinations safely and timely. We are proud to have such a professionals and friendly characters driver in our company.

Anu Tamang
Factory Incharge

Anu Lama is factory In charge of the company. She is very young, energetic and hardworking employee of our company. She is responsible for all the day to day operation of the organizations which includes preparation of work assignment as well as work schedules to establish priorities to make sure completion of assignment in timely manner, managing office and staff as well as developing business, marketing and overall operation. She is responsible for creating and revising system by analyzing operating practices and record keeping. She is friendly in nature. Her interpersonal skills are outstanding. She is very helpful and highly appreciates by her seniors.

Asmita Gurung
Quality Control

Mrs. Ashmita Gurung is our quality inspector. She is one of the quality measurement expert. She has been working since decade. She enjoys her profession. She covers all the importation and exportation in a careful manner. Organization has awarded her for her hard work and loyalty. Clothing in Nepal is zero discrimination organization. So, we are proud to have her as our core member of our organization. Clothing in Nepal’s vision is to promote female and Local Products.

Laxmi Tamang
Model & Office Assistant

Here, we introduce you our indoor model Ms. Laxmi Tamang. She is Beautiful and talented female team member of our organization Clothing in Nepal. She contributes her Glamorous photo shut which we use as our advertisement. She specially helps us on our advertisement part. She also has played music videos. She is amazingly wonderful member of clothing in Nepal.