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Hippie Passport Bags

At Clothing in Nepal, we take immense pride in being a renowned manufacturer, exporter, and wholesaler specializing in a wide range of hippie passport traveler bags that serve to both men and women.

Key Features

  1. Unisex Elegance: Our Hippie Passport Bags are designed for all genders. Making them a stylish and practical choice for everyone.
  2. Vibrant Color Palette: Vivid tone of Nepal with our wide range of colors. Allowing you to express your unique style.
  3. 100% Cotton Craftsmanship: Our bags are made from 100% cotton, ensuring both durability and sustainability.
  4. Handmade Bohemian Aesthetic: Artistry of handmade bohemian designs that reflect the rich culture and heritage of Nepal.

Wholesale Export Worldwide

Our major international markets are the Australia, Denmark, USA, New Zealand, UK, and Germany. Dive into the essence of Bohemian fashion with Clothing in Nepal. Moreover, as the leading name in the hippie clothing industry in Nepal, we are proud to offer an extensive collection of Bohemian, Hippie, Wool, Hemp, and Pashmina products at unbeatable wholesale prices.

Unveil the essence of Nepal as you explore our exquisite collection. Whether you’re a retailer seeking to expand your inventory or a traveler in need of a functional and stylish passport bag, Clothing in Nepal has you covered.

In conclusion, as a trusted exporter and supplier, we take pride in delivering quality and authenticity. Likewise, all rooted in the heart of Nepal.


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