Meaning of Hippie Clothing

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Hippie clothing is the clothing worn or made by ‘hippies’, made to recall the hippie feel. You may be wondering: What or who exactly are hippies? Hippies were the people that fueled the international counter-culture movement in the 1960s and 1970s. The Hippies strongly rejected the mainstream American lifestyle and capitalism-driven institutionalized society of the […]

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Hippie Clothes are generally composed of natural materials like cotton and linen making them quite comfortable to wear. They also fit loosely, which makes you feel comfy because they don’t cling to your body. Floral maxi dresses, flowy shift dresses, high-waisted flare jeans, loose and blousy tops, brown leather boots, and stylish scarves are a […]

Hippie fashion 60s or & 70s

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Manufacturing hippie clothes is historical profession in Nepal. Our ancestors began to make clothes by themselves using natural raw materials such as hemp, cotton & wool then they developed some unique design in clothes & sold them to hippie fashion lovers foreigners too. From that it’ become popular and foreigner recognized art of Nepalese people. […]

Hippie Clothes for women

hippie clothes or women

If you’re looking for comfortable and stylish clothing with a bohemian flair, hippie clothes for women are a great option. With their natural fabrics, bold patterns, and statement accessories, you’re sure to stand out in a crowd. So embrace your inner flower child and start shopping different types of hippie women clothes at so affordable […]