Annual picnic program of clothing in Nepal 2023 organize buy a leading hippie clothing industry

Clothing in Nepal is a leading & reputed garment company in Nepal. We are manufacturing & exporting verities of hippie dresses, singing bowls, bags and many more hippie products since decades. By the time our company get too popular around Nepal and foreign as well. Now, More than 100 people are connected to us and contributing to this company.

A company picnic is the perfect way to get team outside and remind them what it is that makes our company special. Employees will not only return to work feeling rejuvenated, but they will also have a greater sense of appreciation and newfound motivation for the work they are doing. Clothing in Nepal had conducted annual picnic every year till corona pandemic happen in 2019. After the pandemic we were not been able to operate picnic tour.

After pandemic, the environment get normal and our CEO and Operation manager decides to make a joyful and entertaining picnic program. The whole team of Clothing in Nepal left the factory on Saturday. Because of proper plan and management, we arrive in picnic sport that was so peaceful and natural.

We did lots joyful stuffs like singing, dancing and touring nearby. Everybody got pleasure of freedom in nature. There was lots of traditional food items to eat and a large group to enjoy with. The day ended with lots of memories and we returned to home with a huge pleasure and every worker got relief of doing work all day.

Actually, picnic program is a great idea to connect different types of people together and let them enjoy at least one day in a year. It can be so impactful for all staffs because everyone want some joyful days in life.

Not only does a company picnic encourage employee friendships, but it helps employees feel appreciated. Giving your staff (and their families) a fun day out is a great way to remind them that they matter. Feelings of appreciation help employees to be engaged and more productive in their daily roles. Clothing in Nepal appreciate staffs as a family and do many enjoyable programs in a year and will be doing till last stand of this Company.


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