Embroidery T-Shirts


Embroidery is a craft that involves the stitching pictures, scenes, or decorative accents on cloth or other materials. (Like cotton shirt, Lenin shirt, different verities of shawl and most popular in T-SHIRT) Using a needle and either thread or yarn. It can be done by machine or by hand.An extensive range of cloth and other items can serve as embroidery canvas.


Embroidery T-Shirts

Embroidery t-shirts are most preferable and fashionable thing in worldwide contest. It is very durable and fixable to wearing in casually and formally so we also able to manufacturing ofembroidery t-shirt on the demand of our customers in various quality as well as we can make on the demand of customer's embroidery design and turn them into customized embroidery t-shirts for your teams like Schools, Colleges, Companies, Club and others organisations.

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