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Tamang Wedding Dress

Tamang Wedding Dress can be defined as a pair of clothes worn on the wedding ceremony by the couples( Bride & groom). These dress are designed to look the bride and groom more beautiful and attractive within a cultural way. It is a way which helps to protect the Tamang ethnic cutlture and tradition. These products are made in Nepal with the cotton products. As, the chance of being bride and groom comes only once for the whole time. It becomes a lifetime experience able memorable moment for the whole life. Ofcourse, every bride and groom desires to be more beautiful and handsome in the day of ceremony. Similarly, we design a beutiful, pattern able, awesome dresses for the bride as well as groom here.

You can have different designs of pair of dresses with the different colours. For Female: It consists of Cholo (blouse), Shawl, Lehenga (Lungi) and different other ornaments and jewelleries (Dhungri, Potey Mala, Phuli, Bangles, Earings, Tika, Jantar, etc.) . For Male: It consists of  Tamang Shirt, Tamang Pant, Tamang Coat. The very most important on the dress Topi are also available with different designs which are matchable for both male and female. 

We are wholesaler and manufacturer as well. We sell the products in a average prices as well.

For Furher Information Please Contact : 9861252500(Anita Tamang)

Tamang Clothing in Nepal

Beuli Tamang Dress


Tamang Clothing in Nepal

Bridegroom Tamang Dress


Tamang Clothing in Nepal

Tamang Bridal Dress