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Nepalese Hippie Clothing

Nepal, particularly Freak Street’s history with the hippies,
has made Nepalese Hippie Clothing a popular choice even in the present day.
The distinct appearance and clothing was major factor that symbolized the values
like freedom, peace, and love of the hippie culture. As Kathmandu was a major
destination in the hippie trail of the 1960s and 1970s, the hippies basically
defined tourism in Nepal at the time. Freak Street (Jhochhen Tol)’s government-run Hashish and Marijuana shops attracted countless westerners and are surely a prized
memory for hippies to this day.

Nepalese Hippie Clothing includes a variety of handmade as
well as printed items. They embody the vibrant colors and psychedelic patterns
of classic style Hippie clothing while also giving the Nepalese feel and
quality. Some garments are printed with complex designs using modern machinery
while others are hand woven using fine embroidery techniques. Nepalese Hippie
Clothing typically features imagery of flowers, landscapes, and nature in
general. The cozy feel and charming designs of the clothes that draw
inspiration from traditional Nepali clothing and culture have made it a popular
hit worldwide.

Clothing in Nepal is a wholesaler, manufacturer, and exporter
for all kinds of Nepalese Hippie Printed Clothing as well as Handmade Nepalese
Clothing. Under this category, we have different kinds of printed Hippie Nepalese
Clothing like Hippie Printed Dress, Hippie Printed Long and Short Ladies
Jacket, Hippie Printed Harem Pants, Hippie Printed T-Shirt, Hippie Printed Half
T Shirt, Hippie Printed Skirt, Hippie Printed Bag, Hippie Printed Shoulder Bag,
Hippie Printed Money Belt. Our printed Hippie Clothing is printed manually
by hand also we have hand embroidery to decorate the clothing and making extraordinary.