Tamang Dress for Female

Tamang Female dress are a pair of clothes usually worn by ladies of tamang heritage people. Tamang Female Dress rewinds of huge culture and tradition of tamang heritage. These dress are worn by tamang ladies on special occassions like parties, celebrations, ceremonies, etc. More interesting the big festival of tamangs’ is Loshar (Sonam Loshar). On sonam Loshar every ladies as well as gents of tamang groups were there cultural dress and celebrate the day as the Beginning of the year ( Sonam Loshar). Tamang Female Dress are really beautiful and amazing.
It has the severe cultures and tradition in its own. They are made in Nepal with cottons. Nowadays, dress are designed more differently than first ones with much qualification.

Tamang Female Dress is worn with different colors of cholos with horizontal lines of lungi wrapped on the waist by yellow patukas also with Shwal or Ghalek. They wears different ornaments and jewelleries like Dhungri on ear, Jantar and Yellow Potey on neck and many others. They also wear Topi with different designs and colour which are matchable.
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