Rai Male Dress

Rai the most ethnic culturality religion of Nepal. Rai people have the significant ppopulation in Nepal. They are mostly found in hilly regions like in Darjeeling. Rai people speaks mostly Kirati and Nepali. They have their different culure and traditions. Their tradiions and culture are the proud of our nation. Similarly, Rai religion has their own culturaal dresses also. Male and female or ladies and gents wears different types of clothes according to their culture and tradition. We Clothing in Nepal serves you th best quality of tradition dress of Rai culture. Rai celebrates Loshar festival as their main festival as a New Year and other festivals like Dhannach,etc. 

Rai Male people wears Khadi Daura Suruwal little different than the Pajamas, then Waist Coat i.e. Allo Waistt Coat or Half Coat or Fenga Waist coat over the Daura Suruwal. Then they binds patuka over the waist and keeps the Khukuri on it. Then they wears topi in the head. 

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