Annual Program

Clothing in Nepal organizes various programs throughout the year as per the occasions. Annual programs are important part of any organization for maintaining its stability and promoting its core values as well. It is our firm belief that annual programs and getaways, such as festivals, picnics etc. are not a luxury but a necessity for a well-balanced, healthy and productive work environment. Our annual programs are designed to
contribute to a healthier physical and mental well-being of all our members. They help to prevent burnout by combating stress and return to the job refreshed and better equipped to handle all their responsibility.

As part of our annual program, we also organize a number of picnic programs throughout the year. One of our recent picnics was a trip to Jarsing Pauwa. We had reserved local buses for the couple hour long journey. Situated 7 kilometers from Sankhu, Jarsing Pauwa is a junction point with various interesting locations nearby. Tea gardens, picnic spots, quaint villages, lush hills and stunning mountain vistas as well on a clear day, this is an amazing location to visit near Kathmandu. Clothing in Nepal sponsored this trip for the employees with 3 times food and drinks included. At our picnic spot, we also had dance party with musical band, and obviously some delicious food and drinks.

Our second picnic was to Namo Buddha. Situated around 40km east of Kathmandu, Namo Buddha (1,800m) houses one of the most popular monasteries near the capital. The Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery, is not only popular but also a very important pilgrimage site for Buddhist. Local myths and legends state that Buddha, in one of his incarnations as Prince Mahasattva sacrificed himself by offering his body to a hungry tigress and her cubs. Aside from being an important religious place, Namo Buddha is also a very scenic location. On a clear day, you can enjoy a panorama of mountain vistas here ranging from Cho Oyu to as far as Himchuli. Once again, we reserved the bus and our journey from Kathmandu to Namo Buddha took around 2 and a half hours. The bus passed through Sanga and Dhulikhel and eventually reached Namo Buddha, providing us some scenic views along the way. We explored the monastery throughout the day and had our lunch nearby before heading back around late afternoon.

We’ve also conducted a picnic program to Godawari in the past year. Godawari is popular among locals as a picnic spot, with the Godavari Botanical Gardens being a particularly attractive spot. Meanwhile, hiking is a popular activity among both local and international tourists, particularly to Phulchowki and Lakuri Bhanjyang. For our picnic program, we visited the National Botanical Garden and perused through the variety of plant species there. Our catering service prepared some fresh and delicious food for us at the picnic spot. We had some entertainment, dancing and relaxing while the food was getting cooked. We stayed till late afternoon and finally headed back to our bus for the return journey.

Another recent picnic was the trip to nearby Dhulikhel resort. Dhulikhel is situated around 30km east of Kathmandu and is a major junction point as two highways pass through here; Araniko and B.P. Highway.
Dhulikhel is also a major hotspot for tourists, as it is one of the most amazing viewpoints around the valley. Our picnic program started early, as we headed out after breakfast. It took us no more than 2 hours to reach our booked resort in Dhulikhel. The panoramic views from the ridge were superb, including that of Annapurna, Langtang, Gaurishankar, Lhotse and more. We had a refreshment, dance and celebration program before lunch. In the afternoon, we took some memorable pictures before beginning our return journey.

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