Holi Celebration 2021 at Clothing in Nepal

Holi celebrating at Clothing in Nepal

There are numbers of festivals in Nepali culture. Among the festivals Holi is quit different in terms of celebration and priority. There is a symbolic legend to explain why Holi is celebrated as a festival of triumph of good over evil. We can say Holi is festival of color, Holi is celebrated by splashing colors to one another.

As previous years, this year also Clothing in Nepal has continued to show love and care to staffs. There was huge risk of corona. But clothing in Nepal didn’t see corona. Clothing in Nepal cares about staffs feeling and wants. This year holi celebration has become memorable. There was presence of Tamang Celebrities. We honor and respect to all the families and collogues who were present to celebrate Holi and explore love towards one another.

In the celebration program there was many program included i.e. charity program and entertainment performance. Well, for entertainment the most renowned Actor Mr. Amir Dong (Actor), Sushma Moktan (Actress), Kunsang Rumba (Comedian) were there to fire the event. Indeed celebration wouldn’t have that much memorable if they were not there to entertain us and to energize us.

In this occasion, the next target of Clothing in Nepal was to do some charity. Clothing in Nepal believes in supporting children under financial lack.  Clothing in Nepal usually do such charity work once and twice in a year. There was happiness in Face of many families with the gifts and financial support from Clothing in Nepal.

Clothing in Nepal is looking for the same kind of love and happiness in coming days.

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