Meaning of Hippie Clothing

Hippie clothing is the clothing worn or made by ‘hippies’, made to recall the Hippie feel. You may be wondering, what or who exactly are Hippies? Hippies were the people that fueled the international counter-culture movement in the 1960s and 1970s. The Hippies strongly rejected the mainstream American lifestyle and capitalism-driven institutionalized society of the time. As such, they followed their own lifestyle resonating with values like altruism, mysticism, honesty, joy, and nonviolence. Although they eventually assimilated into mainstream society, the Hippies had a prominent influence on various things including popular music, film, literature, fashion, and more.

Hippie clothing tends to be meaningful in the sense that their distinct fashion resonated with some of their core values as well. Long hair and beards, vibrant clothing, and embroidery that represented psychedelic designs.

During the 60’s and 70’s, hippie clothing was mostly made by themselves to symbolize rejection of the status quo. Handmade and natural were important factors for them, and as such, they preferred natural materials like cotton, wool, or hemp. Their clothing almost always carried some deep meaning behind it, either symbolizing the rejection of current societal values or embracing love and promoting peace.

Kathmandu was a major stop on the Hippie Trail of the 60’s and 70’s. Freak Street, a vibrant neighborhood near Kathmandu Durbar Square, was a haven for hippies, owing to the government-run Marijuana shops. Despite the circumstances of the late 70’s, the hippies, and Jhochhen Tol accommodated them for up to months at a time, and both left a lasting impression on each other. Even today, Nepal is a beloved location among Hippies and is popular for hand-crafted Hippie clothing. Clothing in Nepal is one of the leading wholesalers, manufacturers, and exporters for all kinds of Nepalese Hippie Printed Clothing.

Features of hippie clothing

Hippie clothing was distinguished by the use of certain symbols which recognized the symbol of peace, love, and equality for all. It dedicates to the hippie’s spiritualism and religious lifestyle which was relaxed and natural. Mostly the hippie clothing was worn for charmed in exploring and mounting the different countries, they rarely planned a trip in advance, and did not care about money or reservations in any places. This is because they knew they would be welcomed by fellow hippies wherever they went. Most hippies also consumed cannabis (marijuana ) which considered that the consumption of this drug was beneficial for the development of the human spirit. 

The hippie made his clothes reflect himself hippie. Hippie clothing could be hand-personalized through acid washing, dyeing, painting, pins, studs, beading, patches, and embroidery and crush. Hippie silhouettes were loose, unstructured, and top-heavy

Cotton Hippie Jacket

Clothing in Nepal a leading manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter of Nepalese clothing company offers a different kind of Cotton jacket for man & woman which is handmade products, We have different kind of cotton jacket like patch cotton jacket, Block & Brush printed cotton jacket, Razor Cut by hand cotton jacket with decorated by Nepalese artisan woman.

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Cotton Hippie Dress

Clothing in Nepal a leading clothing company in Nepal offers a wide range of women’s clothing. Women Clothing is a very famous product around the world. We have hundreds of designs with thousand of color choices of different sizes. This product is made by Nepalese women using hands work & machines. 

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Men hippie clothing

Men’s hippie fashion ranged from basic to outrageous but extremely looks which were the most prevalent in the 1960s and 1970s. Hippie fashion of the 1970s reflected the youth culture’s response to the strict mores and conservative values which symbolized peace, love, and equality for all. Men’s hippie clothing is made with the attachment of hand-personalized acid washing, dyeing, painting, pins, studs, beading, patches, embroidery, and crushes which acknowledge the symbol of peace and relaxation as well as more comfortable and cool. Hippie Cotton Jackets, Hippie t-shirts, Aladdin trousers, gheri jackets are hippie clothes a symbolize Catalogs and patterns.

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Woman hippie clothing

Hippie women could and often did wear men’s clothing. The 60s was an interesting and transformative decade for fashion. It helped set the tone for modern womenswear, and bold colors and prints were embraced by women of the time There was a rebellious approach to clothing and a more relaxed aesthetic, with free-spirited hippie looks and fashion styles. Women’s hippie clothing included hand-working embroidery, crush, dyeing, painting, pins, studs, beading, etc. Tank tops, half sleeves, Aladdin trousers, and jackets are the hippie clothing of women.

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Hippie clothing in summer

Another timeless conservative clothing for summer that you can keep coming back to warmer season Cotton is one of the best fabrics for the summer season where the most of the products are manufactured from cotton with the attachment of hand-personalized acid washing, dyeing, painting, pins, studs, beading, patches, and embroidery and crush on clothing which reflects the hippie feeling of freedom, comfort and more desirable in wearing. Summer clothing can be found in divergent patterns and sizes. Tank tops, half sleeves, t-shirts, half trousers, and skirts are summer wears hippie clothing.

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Hippie clothing for Winter

Hippie clothing is made according to the seasonal wears, as in winter mostly clothes are made with the attaching of fleece which is one of the best for wearing in winter. It provides the comfortable and warms. Besides this for looking more attractive, it includes attachment of hand-personalized acid washing, dyeing, painting, pins, studs, beading, patches, and embroidery and crushes on clothing which performs the idol of the hippie. Hippie Cotton Jackets, Gheri jackets, ponchos, woolen jackets woolen gloves are hippie clothes a symbolize Catalogs and patterns.

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Hippie clothing for children

Children’s Hippie clothing is often more casual than adult clothing which is fit for play and rest . More recently, however, a lot of children’s hippie wears is heavily influenced by trends in adult fashion. Fabrics choices, openings, fastenings fit, and ease of trimmings used are all major considerations when designing children’s wear. Children’s hippie rainbow jackets, Aladin trousers, and T-shirts are the children’s hippies available in different designs and sizes.

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