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Manufacturing hippie clothes is historical profession in Nepal. Our ancestors began to make clothes by themselves using natural raw materials such as hemp, cotton & wool then they developed some unique design in clothes & sold them to hippie fashion lovers foreigners too. From that it’ become popular and foreigner recognized art of Nepalese people.

What do hippie guys were?

Actually, hippie is a term that belongs to specific group. Then it became popular as a style. Hippie clothes means clothes with patchworks, razor cuts, gheri designs, Hand embroidery & prints. People who wear this types of clothes called hippie guys.

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How hippie clothes are made?

Hippie clothes are made by skilled people of Nepal. These types of clothes are maximally made from Hemp fabric, sheep wool & cotton because these are natural strong & eco-friendly materials. After raw materials extraction they use patchworks, razor cuts, hand embroidery & prints as of required design. So they become ready for supplying costumers. 

Is Hippie fashion 60s or & 70s?

The hippie style was popular in the late 60s & 70s because of its ease of use & comfort. It also represented a counter culture movement at the time that sought to make changes in society. Till then it is becoming more popular around the world.

Hippie Cloths for Woman 

Why buy hippie clothes in Nepal?

If you are a shopkeeper or a hippie clothes lover then there is nothing best and affordable than Nepal. History of manufacturing handmade clothes in Nepal is so long. There is a large group of people involved in this sector so it worth lesser because of competition. We use natural fiber and raw materials that available in Nepal so that it don’t need to import raw material from Nepal. 

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Hippie fashion at Clothing in Nepal

Clothing in Nepal is manufacturing hippie clothes since decades. We make products as of costumer choice. There are more than 50+ workers involved in clothing in Nepal. You can every types of hippie clothes such as hippie pants, hippie shirts, hippie trousers, hippie jackets, hippie ponchos, hippie traditional dresses, hippie women dresses and many more. Clothing in Nepal is a leading hippie clothes manufacturer & exporter in Nepal. You can find verities of hippie products and order as of your choices at wholesale price only at clothing in Nepal. 

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